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In an effort to keep our customers, employees and family safe, we have made the following changes for the 2020 season.  We appreciate your patience and understanding.


Masks covering your mouth AND nose are REQUIRED at the farm.


Practice Social Distancing - stay at least a tree length away from others!


Entrance to and Exit from the tree plantation is one way.  PLEASE FOLLOW THE SIGNS!


Entrance to and Exit from the Carriage House is also one way.  Please enter via the side door in the addition and exit through the door nearest the parking lot.


Only one person per family/group may enter the Carriage House to pay for their tree and any other purchases.


The Carriage House Shop will not open this year.  The only items available in the shop will be a limited number of Centerpieces and Mantelpieces, plus tree stands, watering spouts and tree removal bags (large and regular).


The fire pit will not be available for customers to warm up.  In addition, we will not be selling cookies nor will we have hot chocolate available.  We are sorry to disappoint but feel it is best to keep everyone safe.


We will have our bow saws available, but will have to sanitize them after every use which may cause delays.  If you have your own hand saw, please bring it with you. NO CHAIN SAWS, SAWZALLS OR ANY OTHER GAS, BATTERY OR ELECTRIC POWERED SAWS!


We will also have twine to help secure your tree to your car, but will not be able to sanitize the bucket of twine and scissors.  Therefore, use of the twine is at your own risk.  PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN ROPE, TWINE OR BUNGEES to secure your tree.

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