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A Very Special Choose-and-Cut Christmas Tree Experience

Evergreen Farm family Christmas sled

Evergreen Farm in Sterling, Massachusetts is our family's choose-and-cut Christmas Tree farm.

The farm was established by Bill and Julie Gauld in 1979. Dad was an environmental science/ecology teacher, so he designed the farm to be environmentally-friendly for all.  Our family strives to provide high quality Christmas trees and other items while maintaining a safe haven for humans and critters alike. Wild turkeys, deer, hawks and other animals are frequently seen on the farm.

Clearing the forest and planting our first Christmas trees began in the Spring of '79. t 40 years later, Evergreen Farm has grown significantly. We now offer all the most-desired species of Christmas trees:


  • Balsam—Balsams generally have two rows of soft, dark green needles 3/4 to 1 1/2 inches in length along the sides of its branches. It is well known for its "traditional balsam aroma".

  • Canaan—First cousin to the balsam, this species has many of the traits of the Balsam and Fraser firs. It does better in poorly drained soils, which is helpful at Evergreen Farm. Needles may not be as dark green.

  • Concolor—Also known as White Fir, Concolor needles are longer than those of the other firs. When young, needles are bluish-green and turn to dull green with age. Concolor have a distinct citrus-like aroma.

  • Fraser Firs—Similar to Balsam, but with slightly darker green needles that have a silvery underside. Frasers are known for excellent needle retention.

  • We also offer Colorado Blue Spruce and a few White Pine and other species.


Learn more about Christmas Tree species characteristics, qualities and what they look like. Click here.


Inside and outside our Carriage House Shop, we sell lots of holiday craft items, many made right here at the farm by our family and staff:


  • Wreaths—bushy, full and abundant

  • Roping—also called garland, roping is a perfect holiday accent

  • Swags, Mantel & Table Decorations—decorate a wall, door or table

  • Ornaments—dress up your tree with something that may be kept for generations

  • Other spirit-filled holiday items including tree stands, tree removal bags and watering spouts


When you visit to choose and cut your tree, you may see and appreciate that we've left a habitat for the animals here. We leave many trees and shrubs as cover and food for the wildlife with whom we share the land. This helps the aesthetics and charm of the farm. You'll feel the difference.


We open for business on the day after Thanksgiving every year. Please make Evergreen Farm a part of your family's holiday tradition beginning this year. Click here to contact us by email.


Want to learn even more about the farm? View all of our Newsletters from 1998 to 2016 below:


Evergreen Farm Newsletters
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